People shopping at outdoor vendor booth


The Phoenix Park ‘n Swap is a great stop for locals and tourists, alike. We welcome all bargain shopping enthusiasts and those just exploring – from families and college students to new homeowners and seniors. Make sure you have room in your suitcase to bring back all your treasures if you live out of town.

If you are looking to update your wardrobe, decorate your home, buy a gift, stock up on school supplies, or purchase new hair and beauty supplies, we promise a wide variety and selection of products and services to choose from.


Wednesday | 4pm - 10pm

Friday | 6am - 12pm

Saturday & Sunday | 6am - 4pm

Phoenix's Top 5 Shopping Tips

  1. Create a plan or list of things you're looking for. This will become your Shopping Help Guide, to guide your search and ensure you don't get distracted. Have fun and be flexible. Scrap the plan, if you see something you can't live without.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the market. This will help make certain you hit all your points of interest.
  3. Bring a list of specific sizes and measurements. If you're looking for curtains, be sure you know the size of the window.
  4. Bring a tape measure, a calculator, a notebook and tote bag.
  5. Remember: The best selection is available early. However, the best bargains come at the end of the day.